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Autodesk announced the latest version of its flagship 2D/3D CAD software, AutoCAD 2014, and there's a lot to talk about.

AutoCAD 2014 it has been given several updates. It seems that recent new AutoCAD releases have had, generally speaking, two major new features added to it. AutoCAD 2013 had mesh modeling and parametric constraints added to it. AutoCAD 2013 had the Ribbon and the Action Recorder, though, the Action Recorder has a lot of potential, many users consider it a bust (I don’t, I think it’s great). Perhaps the same goes for the ribbon as well. Face it, CAD users don’t like change. Every release with a major change has had more than its fair share of gripes and groans.

AutoCAD 2013 has two major updates, surface modeling, and a culmination of document tools. There really isn’t one major new documentation feature (except maybe the transparency setting that is now available,) but instead there are several additions and tweaks that separately are weak, but together make AutoCAD 2014 the best AutoCAD yet! cheap cad software

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